Modeling and Robust Control of Liquid Level in a Sprue Cup for Batch-type Casting Pouring Processes

K. Terashima, K. Yano, and Y. Sugimoto (Japan)


Level control; Modeling; Feedforward control; H control; Casting


The purpose of this paper is to provide a method to hold the liquid in a sprue cup into the constant level for batch type casting pouring processes. This paper uses the tilting type automatic pouring robot. A two-degrees-of-freedom control system is used to control the liquid level. This pa per presents a series of models representing each part of the pouring process. Through these models, feedforward input can be obtained to realize the level control. Also, to main tain the control performance for model uncertainty and dis turbance, robust feedback control by using H control the ory is applied. The validity of the proposed control system is demonstrated through simulations and experiments.

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