Frequency Domain Image Quality Assessment Algorithm for JPEG2000 Compressed Images

S. Sobolewski, A. Abu-Hajar, and R. Sankar (USA)


Lossy Compression, JPEG2000, Image Quality Metrics, Contrast Sensitivity Function (CSF), Human Visual System (HVS)


This paper proposes a frequency-domain-based image quality assessment algorithm for JPEG2000 compressed images. The algorithm segments the frequency response of the original and compressed images into four bands and then evaluates the normalized means of CSF weighted frequency magnitudes and normalized means of CSF weighted absolute error between original and compressed images within each band to relate to the visual quality of the compressed images. The image quality is assessed by evaluating three visual characteristics for tested images, texture, edges and overall quality, and classified according to a numerical quality scale. Unlike many objective quality assessment metrics, the proposed algorithm, which incorporates the contrast sensitivity function modeling the behavior of the human visual system at various spatial frequencies, relates to the perceptual measures by giving information about the content of the tested images. The experimental results show satisfactory estimate of the actual image quality.

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