RETDAT: A Multi-agent Architecture for the Retrieval of Information in Heterogeneous Databases

V.S. Bezerra, J.V. de Medeiros Jr., A.S. de Oliveira, A.M.P. Canuto, M.J.N. Rodrigues Lucena (Brazil


Artificial Intelligence, databases, System Integration, Agents, BDI, Information Retrieval.


: Information systems are composed of a set of smaller systems, which are autonomous and were projected independently. This yields integrated access difficulties to heterogeneous distributed information over different data sources. It is necessary to guarantee that this access does not eliminate specific characteristics of each system, since a high cost is associated to this kind of solution. This paper presents a closed and hierarchical multi-agent system based in the model of beliefs, desires and intentions (BDI) for retrieving information from heterogeneous databases.

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