Morphological ECG Signal Preprocessing with More Efficient Baseline Drift Removal

M.H. Sedaaghi and M. Khosravi (Iran)


Morphological filters, Adult ECG, Fetal ECG, ST eleva tion.


This paper presents a new and more appropriate morpho logical baseline drift estimation algorithm for ECG (elctro cardiogram) signals. The proposed method has been ap plied to adult and fetal ECG preprocessing . Accurate nu merical descriptions prove the superiority of the new algo rithm compared with classical methods. Also it is faster over the same lengths of the sample records. It has less es timation error when the length of the structuring element is modified. Moreover this paper addresses a practically important problem of the classical method related to local structures of the ECG signal, such as ST elevation, and ex plains how the proposed method overcomes it.

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