An Efficient Equalization Method for High-rate OFDM Systems

N. Yuan, A.V. Dinh, and H.H. Nguyen (Canada)


Wireless LAN, IEEE802.11a, Time-domain equalization.


A new time domain equalization (TEQ) algorithm for the high-rate IEEE 802.11a orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) system is presented. When the delay spread exceeds the guard interval, TEQ is used to shorten the effective channel impulse response directly to avoid the inter-symbol interference (ISI) and inter-channel interference (ICI). The algorithm is analyzed and compared to other TEQ methods. It has reasonable low computational complexity for practical use. Simulation results based on system parameters defined in IEEE 802.11a standard show a great performance of the algorithm at a data rate of 54Mb/s.

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