Performance Comparison between Turbo Coded WOFDM and LDPC Coded WOFDM

H. Zhang, D. Yuan, M. Jiang, H. Zhang (PRC), and F. Zhang (Canada)


: Wavelet, LDPC codes, Turbo codes OFDM, WOFDM I


: The DFT based OFDM (DFT-OFDM) has currently drawn most of attention in the area of wireless communication. But, there is a long way to go to pursue higher bandwidth efficiency. Discrete wavelet transform have been proposed to substitute DFT, due to its higher spectral containment between subchannels, which can eliminate cyclic prefix (CP) that a must in DFT-OFDM system. In this paper, we propose turbo coded wavelet-based OFDM (TCWOFDM) and LDPC coded wavelet-based OFDM (LDPC-CWOFDM). And their BER performances are compared in different code parameter on AWGN channel. And we show that TCWOFDM performs better than LDPC-CWOFDM.

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