Multiple-Route Adhoc On Demand (MRAODV) Routing Protocol

S. Umeshima and H. Higaki (Japan)


adhoc networks, routing protocol, multiple routes


Several routing protocols, e.g. DSR(Dynamic Source Routing Protocol) and AODV(Ad-hoc On-Demand Dis tance Vector Routing Protocol), have been proposed for routing data packets in ad-hoc networks. These are on demand routing protocols. Only when a node requires to transmit data packets, it searches a route to a desti nation node. In addition, these are single-path protocols which detect only one route. However, in an ad-hoc net work, due to mobility of nodes and instability of com munication links, multiple-route protocols are required. In this paper, we propose a novel multiple-route proto col MRAODV(Multiple-Route On-Demand Distance Vec tor Routing Protocol) where separated reverse path frag ments are connected to achieve additional routes. Accord ing to simulation results, more additional routes are de tected in our protocol than MNH protocol.

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