Bi-directional Visible-Light Communication using Corner Cube Modulator

T. Komine, S. Haruyama, and M. Nakagawa (Japan)


white LED light, visible-light communication, indoor, wireless optical communication, corner cube reflector, up link


White Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) will play an impor tant role in future electric lighting technology. The white LEDs have a high power output, a long lifetime, and high power efficiency. Consequently, they are drawing consid erable attention. Our group has proposed an indoor visible light communication utilizing white LED lights. White LEDs are utilized not only as a lighting source but also as an optical transmitter in the proposed system. How ever, the systems are confined to an application of one directional communication like background music trans mission or guide of art collections in museum. In such sys tems, uplink is not considered. In this paper, we propose an uplink system using a corner cube modulator for visible light communication. It makes use of the light reflected by the corner cube reflector with high reflected power, as communication media for uplink. The proposed system is promising for high-speed communication as well as it can avoid shadowing.

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