Considering Spatial Locality in Ad Hoc Network Multicasting

Z. Liu, Z. Liu, A.J. Duben, and D.R. Naugler (USA)


ad hoc network, multicast routing protocol, spatial locality


A mobile ad hoc network is a wireless mobile network that does not have a base station or other central control infrastructures. The design of efficient multicast routing protocols in such a network is challenging. In this paper we propose a protocol which is a hybrid of the shared tree and mesh based multicast routing techniques. To improve the inherent problem of large end-to-end delay in the shared tree method and of broadcast storm problem in the mesh-based method, the protocol uses spatial locality multicasting to establish a new forwarding path and to limit the scope of flooding. Simulation results demonstrate excellent reduction of average end-to-end delay as well as of route discovery control packets in the network with this new mechanism.

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