A Protocol-aware Method for Dynamic Power-saving in Wireless Communication Devices

H. Maruyama, S. Tagashira, and S. Fujita (Japan)


Wireless communication devices, power-saving tech niques, protocol-aware method


In this paper, we propose a new power-saving technique for wireless communication devices based on the power saving mode in IEEE802.11 standard. The key idea of the technique is to switch the communication mode of wireless communication devices by carefully observing the char acteristics of TCP. More concretely, it is based on a non linear relation between sleep interval and TCP throughput, and the switching is triggered by the periodical measure ment of the communication throughput. By the result of experiments conducted on a prototype system, we can con clude that it can reduce the amount of power consumption by 10% compared with the other power-saving techniques based on the power-saving mode, by keeping a high com munication throughput.

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