Direction-of-Arrival Estimation using Fourth-order Cyclic Cumulant In Multipath Environment

H. Jiang and S. Wang (PRC)


Direction-of-arrival estimation, Antenna, Multipath, Cyclostationarity


In wireless communication systems, communication signals exhibit cyclostationarity, and multipath propagation due to various reflections are often encountered. Considering these, we propose a direction of-arrival estimation algorithm using an antenna array to detect non-Gaussian cyclostationary sources in multipath environment by constructing fourth-order cyclic cumulant matrix and using MUSIC. For coherent sources caused by multipath, we utilize a special `forward/backward averaging' method appropriate for uniform linear array (ULA). Simulation results show that our method can effectively suppress additive stationary noise and Gaussian noise with unknown spatial content, even when the noise shares the same cycle frequency as the signals of interests (SOI's). Moreover, it has the ability to detect and resolve coherent and incoherent sources using fewer sensors. M-1 sources can be estimated with M sensors under a lower signal to noise ratio (SNR).

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