A Network Traffic Control Enhancement over Bluetooth Networks

L.T. Son, H. Schiøler, O.B. Madsen (Denmark), and D.D. Vien (Vietnam)


Bluetooth, Scatternet, Capacity allocation, Admission con trol, Network control, Congestion control


This paper analyzes network traffic control issues in Blue tooth data networks as convex optimization problem. We formulate the problem of maximizing of total network flows and minimizing the costs of flows. An adaptive distributed network traffic control scheme is proposed as an approxi mated solution of the stated optimization problem that sat isfies quality of service requirements and topologically in duced constraints in Bluetooth networks, such as link capac ity and node resource limitations. The proposed scheme is decentralized and complies with frequent changes of topol ogy as well as capacity limitations and flow requirements in the network. Simulation shows that the performance of Bluetooth networks could be improved by applying the adaptive distributed network traffic control scheme

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