The Effect of Integrating Networks on Resource Utilization for Wideband Data

S. Lincke-Salecker and C.S. Hood (USA)


Integrated Heterogeneous Networks, Markov Chain, Traffic Engineering, QoS, Supernet.


The cellular network of the future should provide an `always on' service for all of the diverse services that are currently being introduced. Providing a desired grade of service for each application is challenging, since data suffers high blocking rates when network resources are shared with speech, and resources are allocated on a first come, first-serve basis. This study analyzes the multidimensional Markov Chain model to determine when a Call Limited network may outperform a network where all resources are shared. This study is relevant both for optimizing single networks with heterogeneous services, as well as in understanding and optimizing heterogeneous networks, where traffic is engineered across diverse component networks.

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