Dynamic Resource Allocation for Multimedia CDMA Wireless System with Downlink Beamforming and Power Control

L.-L. Wang, S.-X. Wang, and X.-Y. Sun (PRC)


downlink beamforming, power control, data rate allocation, soft target SIR threshold, wireless multimedia communication


Downlink beamforming can be used to limit strong interference induced by high data rate users, thereby improve the system performance. On the other hand, power control and data rate allocation are two fundamental techniques for improving the spectral efficiency of wireless multimedia communications. In this paper, an optimal problem is formulated which jointly optimizes downlink beamforming weights and data rates for given system throughput and soft target SIR thresholds using DS-CDMA technology. We also study the relation of data rate and target threshold by minimizing the total transmitted power. The law, which governs the dynamic data rate allocation, is analyzed by adjusting target thresholds. Computer simulation results show that user has to sacrifice its target SIR threshold to obtain more resource.

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