4QAM-CDMA Transmission over Satellite Mobile Channels in the Presence of Nonlinear Distortions and Fading

Q. M. Rahman and M. Ibnkahla (Canada)


CDMA, Nonlinear amplifier, Satellite, Rician Fading, QAM, OBO


This paper presents some analytical results on the bit error rate (BER) performance evaluation of a 4-QAM based code division multiple access (CDMA) system in the presence of nonlinear distortion. The study is carried out for slow Rician-fading and frequency-selective satellite channel equipped with a nonlinear amplifier. A correlator type receiver structure is considered in the investigation. In this study, the analysis includes the influence of the output back-off (OBO) of the nonlinear amplifier and the number of users present in the system.

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