Impact of Quantization Effects on the Multicarrier Transmission

T. Araújo and R. Dinis (Portugal)


Multicarrier, Quantization Effects


The low-complexity inherent to the DFT-based im plementations of the multicarrier transceivers is one of the reasons behind the success of these modulations. However, the numerical accuracy in the DFT/IDFT operations can have a significant impact on the overall performance. This numerical accuracy can be regarded as the inclusion of ap propriate quantization devices in the transmission chain. In this paper, we present an analytical approach for analyzing the impact of the numerical accuracy in the DFT computations. For this propose, we include an ap propriate statistical characterization of the signal along the transmission chain which takes advantage of the Gaussian behavior of MC signals with a high number of subcarriers and employs well-known results on Gaussian signals and memoryless nonlinearities. This characterization can be used for the performance evaluation of given quantization characteristics, in a simple and computationally efficient way.

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