Time Jitter Tolerance for Intra-Channel Nonlinear Impact on Single Channel High-speed PPM Optical Transmission

L. Sun and J. Takala (Finland)


Nonlinearity, Intra-channel, Pulse Position Modulation.


Nonlinear effects of inter-pulse cross phase modulation (IXPM) and inter-bit four wave mixing (IFWM) are considered on a 100 Gb/s single channel fiber optic system. The transmission channel is deployed by a pre broadening fiber (PB) together with a dispersion shift fiber (DSF) plus a dispersion compensation fiber (DCF), where the intra-channel nonlinearities become the main factors altering the system performance [1]. As digital time coding scheme applied for increasing the transmission capacity, pulse position modulation (PPM) is evaluated in this paper by analyzing its time jitter tolerance and comparing the receiver sensitivity with conventional return-to-zero (RZ) modulation scheme considering fiber optic intra-channel nonlinearities. Numerical simulation shows that, under the intra-channel nonlinear effects impacted high-speed optic fiber systems, PPM has better time jitter tolerance than conventional RZ transmission format by breaking the resonant of consecutive pulses and adding guard interval to the conventional transmitted RZ pulse sequence.

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