Design of a Secure e/m-Commerce Application which Integrates Wired and Wireless Environments

M. Kim, H. Kim, and M. Chung (Korea)


e-commerce security, m-commerce security, mobile PKI,XML digital signatures, utility theory


As the rapid growth of information technology, the number of users of wired and wireless internet has increased explosively and m-Commerce services are going to be activated. Also it is quite necessary to establish wireless internet PKI service which accepts diverse mobile devices to support secure m-Commerce environment in wireless internet. In this paper, we suggest a security/payment policy algorithm which dynamically adapts the security level according to the domain dependent properties and the independent properties using MAUT and Simple Heuristics to support secure e/m Commerce transactions and payment in wired and wireless internet. And we design and implement a prototype secure e/m-Commerce application based on PKI and X9.59.1

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