Wireless Communication System for Train-Internal Communication

S. Steinberg and J.-U. Varchmin (Germany)


Intra-train communication, transport systems, mobile application, DECT


The fast development in the field of wireless communication gives access to a wide range of new and unforeseen applications in the sector of train-busses. Innovative technologies offer a promising approach to classical problems like cable-replacement and system upgrade (retrofitting). In this paper we derive the need for intra-train busses, especially for freight trains, and give a short survey of available wireless technologies. In this context we identify the internal and external parameters to which the communication system is subjected. Additionally, special European boundary conditions for train equipment are taken into account. We present our arguments for the usage of DECT as a wireless communication standard suitable for train internal communication. Apart from that, possible topologies of a generic wireless train bus are discussed. Based on the theoretical considerations, we introduce our concept for a testing platform. We show how the platform is designed and how different topologies and their reliability can be evaluated. One aspect of the design of the testing platform was the usage of the off-the-shelf components. Finally, we present the results of initial tests with the chosen communication system.

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