QoS Control for Real Time Video Stream over Wireless LANs

K. Takahata, N. Uchida, and Y. Shibata (Japan)



Multimedia communication by packet video stream has become very important role in our ubiquitous information society. In this paper, QOS Control of realtime multimedia communication system over wireless networks is proposed. In our suggested system, as channel coding, FEC (Forward Error Correction) method with Reed Solomon coding is introduced to reduce the packet error rate on the wireless network. On the other hand, as source coding, transcoding methods including transformation of various video codings such as M-JPEG, MPEG and Quicktime, controls of Q-factor within a frame, frame rate and color depth is introduced to maintain the required QOS, particularly the end-to-end throughput. The increases of the required bandwidth by redundant packet addition with FEC can be suppressed by the transcoding functions while the packet error rate is reduced to the accepted value. In order to verify the functionality and the efficiency in our suggested system, numerical simulation was carried out. As the result, our suggested system by combination of transcoding and FEC could correct the packet error rate with accepted order while maintaining the frame rate and the amount of data transform at a constant.

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