Improving the Quality of Service Guarantee in an Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) Network

G.A. Aderounmu, A.O. Ojesanmi (Nigeria), and F.J. Ogwu (Botswana)


Quality of Service, Infinite buffer, cell lossprobability, Traffic flow. Low priority traffic buffercapacity:1.0


This paper presents a technique for improving the quality of service (QoS ) guarantee in an ATM network. In the proposed model, it was assumed that high priority traffic have been allocated a switch resource to guarantee a given QoS and low priority cells are allowed to enter the buffer, to improve the exploitation of reserved resources. The proposed technique was backed up with an exact analytical model for evaluating the cell loss probability of high and low priority cells. The performance of the proposed model was evaluated using C++ programming language. The results of the simulation shows that the loss probability of both high and low cells reduces as the buffer capacity increase and that the performance of high priority cell is better than that of low priority cell.

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