QoS-Enabled MAC Protocol for Wireless Networks of UAVs

I. Cardei and S. Kazi (USA)


QoS, Wireless MAC protocol, sender scheduling


Quality of Service is a major factor in deploying mission critical applications with real-time communication requirements in mobile ad hoc wireless networks. The variable radio link quality and dynamic topology require a vertical, cross-layer approach for end-to-end delay sensitive communication services. In this paper we propose a contention-based Medium Access Control protocol that addresses Quality of Service demands for ad-hoc networks of unmanned air vehicles. At the core of the receiver-initiated access control we propose a sender scheduling mechanism that implements bandwidth allocation with support for ad-hoc scenarios. Low medium access latency is provided by priority frame scheduling with delay-based filtering. We extend the binary exponential backoff algorithm with a variable RTS lead time procedure that provides low access latency for critical frames and fairness. Our protocol design focuses on efficient operation under heavy load. Simulation results confirm consistent performance and low overhead under heavy traffic and high contention conditions.

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