Truly Endless Polarization Control with In-phase and Quadrature Mode Converters in X-cut, Y-propagation Lithium Niobate

D. Sandel and R. Noé (Germany)


Endless Polarization Control, Lithium Niobate, LiNbO3, Polarization Mode Dispersion Compensation.


No polarization control system seems to be selling in significant quantities. Fast endless (unlimited) polarization control is only possible with calibrated polarization transformers which are not subject to drift and have a fast optical response. In-phase and quadrature mode converters in X-cut, Y-propagation LiNbO3 have these properties and can furthermore be integrated for distributed polarization mode dispersion compensation. We present an endless polarization control system with such mode converters. A thorough investigation of its worst-case performance yields an endless polarization tracking error of <0.125 rad on the Poincar sphere.

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