Photonic Microwave Notch Filter using Bi-directional Modulation of Optical Intensity Modulator and Bi-directional Reflection of Chirped Fiber Grating Embodied in Fiber Loop Mirror

K.-S. Jeon, U. Seomoon, H.-J. Won, and J.-K. Pan (Korea)


optical intensity modulator, photonic microwave notch filter, chirped fiber grating.


We have proposed and experimentally demonstrated a tunable photonic microwave notch filter based on bi directional modulation of an optical intensity modulator and bi-directional reflection of a chirped fiber grating embodied in a fiber loop mirror in which a fiber delay line was inserted as tapping elements. A discrete and continuous tuning of the filter can be obtained by changing the length of a fiber delay line and by tuning the optical wavelength of a laser, respectively.

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