Fabrication and Characterization of Silicon Oxynitride Optical TIR Switch Structure

A. Zhang and K.T. Chan (PRC)


Total internal reflection (TIR), optical bending waveguide, PECVD, silicon oxynitride


: In this paper, we report the successful design and fabrication of an optical TIR switch structure using silicon oxynitride films deposited by PECVD. Straight waveguide sections of this device show acceptable propagation loss, especially after sample annealing. Since the optical switching of this device is based on total internal reflection (TIR), the reflecting facet tilt angle from the vertical around the groove at the intersecting bending waveguide region has great influence on the switch loss. The tilt angle is measured to be about 20. The simulated switch losses affected by facet tilt and displacement are shown. The switches with different facet displacement are measured, which agree with the simulation results.

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