Polymeric Waveguides and Grating Devices

W.H. Wong, H.C. Tsoi, and E.Y.B. Pun (PRC)


Passive components, Polymer waveguides, Grating devices


Integrated optical waveguides and devices have applications in optical sensors and communication systems. Polymers appear to be very suitable for integrated optics applications. They can be deposited directly on any kind of substrates; unlike other optical waveguide materials such as silica (SiO2), lithium niobate (LiNbO3), and III-V compound semiconductor materials. Their low cost and simple processing are much more alluring than SiO2-based materials. In this paper, various polymeric waveguide fabrication processes and grating devices are reported. Tunable Bragg grating filter with a transmission peak of 27dB and a 3dB bandwidth of ~0.8nm has been realized, and the temperature tuning performance is found to be ~ -0.14nm/o C. Long period waveguide grating with a maximum attenuation of -18dB and a minimum 3dB bandwidth of 6nm has also been demonstrated.

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