A New Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation Protocol with Quality of Service in Ethernet-based Passive Optical Networks

F.-T. An, Y.-L. Hsueh, K. S. Kim, I.M. White, and L.G. Kazovsky (USA)


Passive Optical Networks


Ethernet-based Passive optical network (E-PON) is the key for next generation access networks. It must have the property of high efficiency, low cost, and support quality of service (QoS). We present a novel media access control (MAC) protocol that maximizes network efficiency by using dynamic bandwidth allocation (DBA) algorithm suitable for E-PON. This protocol minimizes packet delay and delay variation for high priority traffic to ensure QoS. Simulation results show excellent network throughput. Simulation results also show low packet delay and packet delay variation for high priority traffic compare with traditional MAC protocol of E-PON. When the network performs ranging, this protocol ensures zero interruption of high priority traffic, such as audio or video applications.

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