10 GBIT/S Optical Single Sideband Transmission using Zero Forcing Equalization

T. Maia, E. Costa, A. Pinho, P. Monteiro, R. Ribeiro, M. Violas, and J. F. da Rocha (Portugal)


Optical single sideband, electrical equalization, chromatic dispersion compensation, modulation techniques.


In this article we investigate electrical equalization using the zero forcing criteria, to mitigate the chromatic dispersion effects in a 10 Gbit/s optical single sideband transmission system. It is shown that optical transmission using single sideband signals increases significantly the distances relative to systems based on the double sideband (DSB) format. Simulation results also show that use of zero forcing electrical equalization together with SSB, allows transmission distances up to 215 km, for a BER of 10-9 .

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