Optimisation of All-Optical Network Testbed

H. Zeng, A. Vukovic, H. Hua, J.M. Savoie, and C. Huang (Canada)


Wavelength division multiplexing (WDM), physical layer, numerical optimisation, quality of service (QoS), signal impairments, bit-error rate (BER).


The capacity and high flexibility potentials of transparent optical networks have already been realized in practice. By keeping the signal in the optical domain, the optical network is limited by performance degrading physical effects. Link budget design has to take into account both noise and distortion related impairments. A simulation environment is used to analyse wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) transmission links for establishing an all-optical network (AON) testbed for carrying out research and development activities. The primary focus of numerical modelling was the characterisation of signal degradation levels, link power budget and end-to-end physical connection for a typical metro environment. Real device parameters are optimised in the numerical simulation and the simulation outcome was applied to support the selection of optical components (laser, Mux/ Demux, receiver, EDFA, fibre type, attenuators etc.). The overall performance of WDM system is also characterised by bit-error rate (BER) and Q-factor. Finally, results of numerical analyses are used to assess the feasibility of connecting two optical research facilities within a 30 km distance.

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