Multistage Successive Interference Cancellation: Comparison of Different Ranking Procedures with Improved ISDIC-OSC

F. Vanhaverbeke and M. Moeneclaey (Belgium)


Multiuser detection, successive interference cancellation


The allowable capacity of the Iterated Soft Decision Interference Cancellation with Optimized Soft Cancellation (ISDIC-OSC) is investigated with user ranking based on the received power and based on a reliability criterion. For both multistage Successive Interference Cancellation (m-SIC) schemes, we introduce two modifications to the original ISDIC-OSC detector: 1) we replace the a priori probability of each user bit by the a posteriori probability of this bit, obtained in the previous stage, and 2) we assume the multiple access interference to be higher than expected by the original ISDIC-OSC detector. Combining these two modifications results in a significant increase of the allowable capacity.

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