S-GPBE: A Power-Efficient Broadcast Routing Algorithm Using Sectored Antenna

I. Kang and R. Poovendran (USA)


Broadcast, energy efficient, adhoc network, routing algorithm/protocol design and analysis, directional antenna.


In our previous work, we presented a power-efficient algorithm called Greedy Perimeter Broadcast Efficiency (GPBE) algorithm exploiting broadcast efficiency using an omnidirectional antenna. We showed that with remark ably simple code complexity (not computational complex ity), we could derive an algorithm which is comparable to Broadcast Incremental Power (BIP) in terms of the total transmit power performance. The principle of broadcast efficiency holds even when we use an assumption that each node (host) is equipped with sectored antennas. In this pa per, we extend our previous work to adapt to a sectored antenna case. A new algorithm called Sectored GPBE (S GPBE) is proposed and the performance of this algorithm is compared with GPBE.

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