A Linearly Extended Type-Based Predistorter for SSPA Linearization

X. Huang and M. Caron (Canada)


SSPA, Predistorter, Linearization, Type based


In satellite communication systems, operation of the power amplifier near saturation is often desirable to attain high power efficiency. Such an operation results in nonlinear distortions, thereby degrading the overall system perfor mance. In this paper, we investigate the performance of a new class of statistical SSPA predistorters when the mea surement circuit has a limited dynamic range. A linear ex tension of the predistorter is proposed to combat the effect of the limited dynamic range. A computer simulation of a 16-QAM communication system shows that the linearly extended predistorter eliminates the dynamic range limi tation, minimizes the effect of the nonlinearity, and sig nificantly improves the performance of the communication system.

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