Friction Modeling and Analysis of the Sorting Mechanism

M.S. Ko, W.S. Lee, and J.H. Kim (Korea)


Sorting Mechanism, Friction Models, Model Development, Viscous Friction Model, Dynamic Models


: In this research, we are trying to develop an automatic sorting system, which is mostly affected by frictional forces between a veneer and plank. So we will make a suitable dynamic model and mechanism to control the velocity feedback. We will suggest stick-slip motion model which can predict the stability behavior of this system. The control system has a feedback loop, which consists of the following components. A kind of sensor can get the velocity of the mass to adhesive veneer. The output of result signal should be passed to a filter, then to a phase shifter, which applies an adjustable phase-shift, to a variable-gain amplifier. A shaker will be attached to the mass, which exerts a control force in the tangential direction, and finally this force superimposes on the friction force.

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