Modeling and Characterization of Electrical Trees in an Insulation Structure

C.R.A. Kumar, R. Sarathi, and C. Venkataseshaiah (India)


Electrical Tree, Electric Field, Insulation, fractals, Weibull.


Electrical trees have been generated both experimentally and through modeling in a homogeneous insulation structure. The structure of the simulated tree patterns is characterized using Fractal Dimension. It is observed that the rate of tree propagation is high at the time of inception. The fractal dimension of the electrical trees is time varying. The rate of tree propagation and the fractal dimension of the electrical trees have inverse relationship. The analysis of tree growth through Weibull distribution analysis indicates that the Weibull parameters explain the dynamical aspects of the electrical trees. The value of Skewness factor is evaluated and it provide information on the pattern of the electrical trees formed in the insulation structure and also confirm that the tree growth is an intermittent process.

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