Effect of Fault Current Limiter on Voltage Sag

D. Iioka, H. Shimizu, Y. Yokomizu, M. Goto, and T. Matsumura (Japan)


Power Quality, Voltage Sag, Fault Current Limiter, Distri bution System, Distributed Generator


Mitigating effect of a fault current limiter (FCL) installed between a distribution line and a customer system having a synchronous generator upon a voltage sag in the customer system has been investigated theoretically. It was found that the voltage sag in the customer system reduces as the limiting impedance increases. By consideration from the limiting impedance required to maintain the voltage Vcus in the customer system, it was shown that the insertion of the resistive type FCL requires a smaller limiting impedance than that of the inductive type FCL. It was also clarified that the limiting impedance to keep the Vcus decreases with an increase in the rated capacity of the synchronous gener ator.

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