MRAC-IFO IM Control with Simultaneous Velocity and Rotor-Inverse Time Constant Estimation

R. Beguenane and M. Ouhrouche (Canada)


Induction machine, Model Reference AdaptiveSystem, Sensorless Speed, Rotor-Inverse timeconstant, Adaptive law, Indirect Field Oriented.


This paper deals with compensation of the rotor inverse time constant variation using indirect field oriented (IFO) induction motor control without speed transducer. In fact, the proposed algorithm, based on the model reference adaptive system (MRAS) theory, identifies accurately both speed and rotor-inverse time constant, and implicitly the rotor flux. The induction motor speed control is made possible by combining the proposed MRAS structure with the classical sensorless IFO induction machine drive. The numerical simulation results seems to be satisfactory for a large speed bandwidth and torque load.

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