Numerical Techniques and Experimental Results for Evaluating the Electromagnetic Field Coupling between Power Transmission Line and Pipeline

M.A. Elhirbawy, L.S. Jennings, W.W.L. Keerthipala (Australia), and S.M. Al Dhalaan (Saudi Arabia)


Conductive coupling; inductive coupling;electromagnetic field; FDM; Maxwell's equations;pipeline; power transmission lines; variable step size.List of Principal Symbolsh Height of phase conduc


The paper objectives are to undertake a scheme based on the Finite Difference Method for the calculation and analysis of the electromagnetic fields established by currents in power transmission lines, particularly by those in single-phase-to-earth fault condition. This paper introduces a physical example for evaluation of the electromagnetic field coupling between a power transmission line and a pipeline buried in the body of the earth. These results are based on practical measurements for the electric and magnetic field on the pipeline. The original motivations of this research are to analyze the electromagnetic interference effects of transmission line upon nearby pipelines and describe comprehensive solutions together with its software implementation that can investigate these effects. The research results of the project will have immediate and have practical applications to the pipeline and power industries.

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