Optimization of Transmission Line Phase Position for Electromagnetic Field Mitigation in 3-Phase Systems

M.A. Elhirbawy, L.S. Jennings, W.W.L. Keerthipala (Australia), and S.M. Al Dhalaan (Saudi Arabia)


Electromagnetic field; FDM; field reduction; numerical analysis; over head transmission line; phase cancellation.


--This paper investigate the feasibility of electromagnetic field reduction by optimisation of phase relationship in 3-phase systems. Various transmission line phase positions are presented, which features minimum electromagnetic effect on surface level. Numerical optimisation using recurrent Finite Difference Method (FDM) simulation is a promising direction in selecting safe design. In this respect the present paper introduces a rigorous application of FDM for calculation and studying purposes. Different transmission line structure designs have been investigated in order to select the maximum phaser cancellation in 3-phase systems. Results are compared with the Pinjar-Northern Terminal Design in Western Australia for demonstration and verification purposes. A deeper insight to the effects of changing the transmission line design has been presented, giving more understanding to the electromagnetic field reduction within the existing right-of way. All designs have been taken based on existing tower configuration and associated parameters, a knowledge base or design rules, main tower dimensions, subconductor radii, bundle configuration and relative cost. Measurements were performed and the successful large reduction of electric and magnetic fields could be clearly identified. Examples of existing power lines and projects show practical applications.

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