Theory and Simulation of the Dual Mode Inverter Control

J. S. Lawler, J.M. Bailey, J.W. McKeever (USA), and J. Pinto (Brazil)


Constant Power Speed Range; BDCM Drive


* An inverter topology and control scheme has been developed that can drive low-inductance, surface mounted permanent magnet motors over the wide constant power speed range required in electric vehicle applications. This new controller is called the dual-mode inverter control (DMIC) [1]. The DMIC can drive both the Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine (PMSM) with sinusoidal back emf, and the brushless dc machine (BDCM) with trapezoidal emf as a motor or generator. Simulation results show that by neglecting motor and inverter loss mechanisms, the constant power speed range of the DMIC is infinite. The simulation results are supported by closed form expressions for peak and rms motor current and average power derived from analytical solution to the lossless differential equations. The analytical solution shows that the range of motor inductance accommodated by the DMIC is more than an order of magnitude making the DMIC compatible with both low- and high-inductance BDCMs. Finally, classical hysteresis band current control, used for motor control below base speed, is integrated with the phase advance of DMIC applied above base speed. The power versus speed performance of the DMIC is then simulated across the entire speed range.

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