Model Simuation and Verification of a Vertical Double Implanted (DIMOS) Transistor in 4H-SiC

M. Hasanuzzaman, S. K. Islam, L.M. Tolbert, and B. Ozpineci (USA)


SiC, vertical DIMOS, power device, model verification.


Silicon-based switching devices have reached the theoretical limitations for high power and high temperature applications whereas silicon carbide (SiC) has emerged as an alternate material system to overcome the limitations and can be used in extreme environment. In this paper, a vertical DIMOS transistor structure, a switching device in 4H-SiC material system, is presented. The model takes into account various short channel effects in the DIMOS channel region as well as velocity saturation and exact device geometry in the drift region. Simulations for exact device geometry have been conducted using ATLAS device simulator. A good agreement between the ATLAS simulation and analytical model evaluation for vertical DIMOS is demonstrated. Device structure and model parameters can be adjusted to obtain an optimum device to be used in system level applications.

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