Broadband Improvement of Two-Stage DC-DC Converter with Low Voltage and High Current Output

S. Abe, J. Yamamoto, T. Zaitsu, and T. Nimomiya (Japan)


two-stage DC-DC converter, first-stage inductor current feedback, crossover frequency, broadband


: This paper presents the broadband improvement of a two stage DC-DC converter by using the current control method. The two-stage DC-DC converter consists of a buck con verter used as the first-stage and a half- bridge converter used as the second-stage. The proposed control system using the first-stage inductor current and the conventional voltage-feedback control system are analyzed and compared. As a result, it is analytically clarified that the crossover fre quency becomes higher by adding the first-stage inductor current in the feedback control loop. The experimental con firmation was obtained with a good agreement, and the ef fectiveness of the proposed control strategy was verified.

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