A Cascaded Multi-level H-bridge Inverter Utilizing Capacitor Voltages Sources

K.A. Corzine, F.A. Hardrick, and Y.L. Familiant (USA)


Multi-level, three-level H-bridge, medium voltage


This paper presents a new control method for the cascaded H-bridge multi-level inverter. It is shown that through suitable control of the inverter states, several of the isolated dc voltage sources can be replaced by capacitor sources. Although the proposed method results in a slight reduction in voltage levels, only one isolated dc source per phase is required. This reduces the inverter cost and complexity. This new method is first applied to the traditional cascaded H-bridge inverter for two and three cells per phase. The control is then applied to an inverter with multi-level cells. A joint-phase redundancy technique is also explored for extending the power quality of the proposed technique. Simulation and laboratory results demonstrate the new concept.

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