Inductor-switching Solution for Fast-Response VRM

T. Senanayake and T. Ninomiya (Japan)


Voltage Regulator Module, Fast-Response, DC-DC Converter, Inductor-Switching


The progress of semiconductor technology increases the speed and the density of LSI. On the other hand, LSI packing with various functions and operates at significantly lower voltages and higher currents. Furthermore, in microprocessor consumption current suddenly changes according to a change of use situation of LSI for saving energy. The heavy and frequent change of load condition cause a voltage drop in processor power supply due to parasitic elements of the output filter capacitors. In order to meet the power supply specification for the least tolerant processors on the market today, a new fast-response voltage regulator module is presented. A novel method of inductor-switching is applied to a DC-DC converter, and it produces a high slew rate of load current and keeps output voltage constant, in case of heavy burden load changes. Furthermore, the proposed topologies with three different coupling methods of the coupled inductor are examined. The design and simulation of the proposed topologies are verified by experimentally

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