An Optimal Fuzzy MPP Tracker Enhancing Battery Charging Performance of Photovoltaic Systems

M.A.S. Masoum and M. Sarvi (Iran)


Photovoltaic, Maximum Power Point Tracker, Fuzzy,Battery, Charging.


A fuzzy maximum power point tracker (MPPT) for improving the charging performance of photovoltaic systems is proposed. Fuzzy input parameters dI/dP, ∆dIdP and variation of duty cycle (∆DC) are used to generate the optimal MPPT converter duty cycle and a suitable battery charging rate, such that solar panel maximum power is generated under different operating conditions. A photovoltaic system including a solar panel, a fuzzy MPP tracker and a load (battery or resistance) is designed, simulated and constructed. Theoretical and experimental results are used to present the advantages of the proposed technique.

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