Modeling and Optimization of Hybrid Electrical Power Systems for Remote Locations in Extreme Climates

R.W. Wies and A.N. Agrawal (USA)


Modeling, Optimization, Hybrid power system, Diesel generator, Battery storage, Photovoltaics


This paper presents the modeling and optimization of a hybrid electric power system for remote locations in extreme climates. The hybrid model presented incorporates the added features of dynamic modeling and graphical user interface available in the Power System Blockset and MATLABTM Simulink. The model currently consists of a diesel-electric generator and a battery storage module connected to a common grid to form the hybrid system with photovoltaic cells and wind generation systems to be incorporated in the future. This simulation tool will help designers determine the best hybrid mix of diesel generation, battery storage, photovoltaics, and wind generation for optimal performance of the system in remote cold regions like Alaska. Many software programs are currently available for simulating the operation of hybrid electric power systems under normal operating conditions. The work presented in this paper considers the optimal operation of hybrid systems in extreme cold climates like those found in the remote villages of Alaska. An example is presented based on an actual test system in the remote Alaskan community of Lime Village.

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