Routing Underground Feeders using GIS and Composite Installation Costs

Z. Zmijarević, S. Krajcar, and D. Škrlec (Croatia)


Power Distribution Planning, Optimization Methods, Geographic Information Systems, Modeling.


This paper addresses feeder modeling in electrical power distribution planning. Special attention is given to the estimation of investment costs needed for constructing feeders in regard to geo-referenced data. The adopted estimation is based on costs per meter defined on allowable routes coupled with a suitable data model in an arbitrary Geographic Information Systems (GIS). In contrast to specifying installation costs for a particular feeder type on a particular route, this approach may utilize large savings related to instantaneous installation of parallel underground cables or using previously constructed ducts. This is possible since costs of excavating trenches in urban areas may be several times higher then the actual cable cost. Although the modeling is simple, the increased level of detail in the data model renders most existing planning methods inadequate. On the other hand, the proposed framework allows large scale planning methodologies to embrace new features like premature construction of feeders and integrated utility planning (i.e. electricity & gas or electricity & telecommunications).

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