Robust Mid-voltage Regulation of a Power System Network using ASVC

W. Supsingha, K. Busawon, G. Putrus, and L. Ran (UK)


Modelling, control, power system, mid-voltage.


This paper deals with the midvoltage control problem of a power system consisting of a single generator ma chine connected to an infinite bus using an advanced static var compensator (ASVC). We propose a PI-like controller design which enables to regulate the mid voltage to a desired reference voltage. The proposed control design is based on the derivation of a suitable model of the mid-voltage dynamics. We show that the structure of the dynamics of the root mean square value of mid-voltage can be chosen as a linear first order system with unknown time constant. Simula tion results are provided to validate the model of the mid-voltage and to show the performance and the ro bustness of the proposed controller.

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