GO Reliability Methodology Applied to Gold Book Standard Network

T. Coyle, R. G. Arno, and P.S. Hale, Jr. (USA)


Reliability, Analysis, Boolean Algebra, Gold Book Standard


- There is a need recognized in the power industry to identify and utilize a standard tool or a set of tools to analyze the reliability of industrial and commercial power systems. Historically, the reliability results of different reliability methodologies varied significantly and comparisons were extremely difficult. The Reliability Analysis Technique Working Group of Gold Book (i.e., IEEE Std. 493) developed a standard network to enable comparison of analytical techniques. This paper will identify two different analysis techniques currently available and is the third of a series of papers applying the Boolean Algebra methodology to the Gold Book standard network configuration. Two case studies will be presented to compare the accuracy and ease of use. Future papers applying these different techniques to the same Gold Book standard network configuration will be presented and the results compared to determine accuracy of these analytical techniques.

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