Distributed Generation in Nigeria's Electricity Industry Deregulation – Assessment and Integration

A. Odubiyi (UK) and I. E. Davidson (South Africa)


Distribution Generation (DG), Deregulation andPrivatisation


The government of Nigeria has embarked on a program of reforming its electricity industry as a means of improving efficiency, productivity and ultimately lower electricity prices to end-users. The Electricity Supply industry (ESI) in Nigeria is dominated by NEPA (National Electric Power Authority) the government Monopoly Company. The unsatisfactory performance of NEPA has led to the extensive use of small-dispersed private generating facilities embedded within the distribution network of NEPA. In some areas, these facilities are the sole provider of electricity. This paper assesses distribution generation (DG) operation in Nigeria and presents a framework for integrating this type of generation in a post-deregulation era. It offers solutions to specific problems that may arise for a developing country like Nigeria that is in the process of deregulating its ESI.

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