Subbian Suganthi, Rethnaswamy Nadarajan


Aspects, reflection, dynamic invocation, dynamic adaptability, dynamic weaving, middleware framework, dynamic change


One of the major issues in the pervasive environment is creating the software systems with the feature of adapting the dynamic changes. In this paper, by combining aspect and reflection techniques, a solution for dynamically adapting the changes in the requirements of the system is proposed. Changes to the requirements are represented as aspects, whereas reflection is used for dynamic invocation of the functions associated with the changes. A middleware framework is proposed with the components of: (i) an Aspect Generator, which specifies requirement changes as aspects, (ii) an Aspect Weaver that dynamically weaves the aspect with the application components associated with the changes in the requirements and (iii) a Remote Method Invoker, which provides the meta-level service of dynamically invoking the functions of the application component. Here, we proposed the Re-Configuration and Execution time (RCET) metric and Conceptual Binding between the Aspect and Method (CBAM) metric for evaluating the adaptability of the system. A case study has been discussed to describe the implementation of the proposed model and to prove the efficiency of adapting the changes by the system using this middleware is better than the system without using this middleware.

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